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My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Shaw and the whole team at Chimera Clinic

I had always wanted to do a forehead lift but didn’t know where to start looking for a plastic surgeon but one day as I got into the internet and started searching for plastic surgeons in Jhb, I came across Dr. Shaw’s webpage and as I went through the page reading about his credentials, checking out the images of his practice and everything from his welcome message to the images of his operating theatre, I knew I had found what I’d been looking for.

Just one phone call to his practice has made me to be one of the happiest recipients of his brilliant skill in reconstructive surgery in South Africa. From the day of my initial consultation with Dr.Shaw I just had confidence in his staff as I got this warm welcome from Lynn and needless to say how much more welcoming Dr.Shaw himself was as he explained to me so clearly all about the other options I could consider for my problem and when I told him I wanted to do a forehead lift he then explained to me exactly what he was going to do and all the details about the recovery process.

I can go on forever but the long and short of it is that I got the expected outcome post surgery, I’m healing well and it’s only 3 weeks now post surgery and I have never been happier. Big ups to Dr. Shaw and his wonderful staff. You guys are all amazing. The surroundings of your practice are so therapeutic, one can actually feel a positive outcome by just walking through your reception area on the first day. Thank you, thank you and than you again for a sterling “Work of art” that you did on my forehead Doc. You are truly the best..I can’t stop looking at my self in the mirror.

Thenjiwe Kona

Happiest BBA Patient!

I did not feel nervous at all thanks to Dr Shaw and his amazing staff!

Words cannot explain how happy I am with my results and I would definitely recommend Dr Shaw to anyone.

Regards Hayleigh

*Letter of Recommendation

On behalf of my wife and myself we would like to extend our utmost gratitude and appreciation towards DR. Shaw and his immaculate team of staff.

From the beginning of our venture in meeting up with DR. Shaw the experience was nothing short of Perfection, from the time we had entered his offices Lynn accommodated to our every need, without the knowledge of if we were there to have a procedure done or even if we had the money.

However the intentions of his team was to provide the best possible care to everyone entering the premises whether they were there to do business or not

From there the protocol leading up to the operation was quick, without complication and with simple application, all the information needed to handle our query was fulfilled.

We then booked the date for the operation to take place. My wife went into the operating room and 2-3 hours later it was successfully completed. From the moment I saw my wife after the surgery I was amazed at how well cared for my wife had been.

The level of professionalism DR. Shaw and his team produced is of world class, I have never experienced a more down to earth team that creates an atmosphere of comfortability while upholding the professionalism they do.

In my experience the price we payed for the result and outcome we got through this business transaction, does not add up, if we take money out of the equation we are left with a business of status and stature that is beyond priceless.

I have no doubt in my mind that DR. Shaw and company will go on to fulfill many more dreams with utmost proficiency, putting the needs of the most important thing first, His Clients.

And without further delay I applaud DR. Shaw and Team and present my greatest gratitude for having a steady hand and precision in the art of defining and recreating what the imagination limits.

You have reinvented the way we look at life and raised the level of expectation when dealing with businesses.

So once again thank you to DR. Shaw and company for everything you have done, Including all the staff working behind the scenes that give the excellence they do without demand for recognition.

Regards Michelle & Seth McKenzie.

Oh my…where do I start,

It has been the longest journey, filled with emotional and physical pains. I couldn’t have made it without the Team.   Lynn…the sweetest, most caring with a soft and assuring voice, before anything else she makes you feel comfortable, thank you Lynn, I find myself missing you and your TLC every day.   Mam’Lizzie: My very own personal nurse…the hard time I gave you, through it all you stuck by me, it wasn’t easy, the emotional support for me and my husband was just amazing, in you I found a mother, I can never thank you enough.   Dr Shaw…YOU!!! Hahaha you are theee most amazing Doctor, we had our fights (cause I am stubborn) but we made it! You made me laugh and you made me cry…but today because of you I can look myself in the mirror and be proud! Thank you so much, I can highly recommend you to anyone.   The staff…all of you guys are just so welcoming and amazing, I felt like I was at home the whole time! I need to come in once more…just so I can see the smile on Lynn’s face and off cause the amazing hugs and kisses.   Thank you!


Ayanda Nkomombini  

To the Chimera Clinic team,

My experience at the clinic was nothing less than amazing, I was so nervous at first but Doctor Shaw made me feel so at ease, and he has the most out of this world personality. His advice was honest and he guided me instead of just doing as I wished. Lynn has also contributed immensely to the exceptional care I have received and nothing made me happier than walking in and seeing her friendly warm smile and she would do her utmost to try accommodate in anyway. My new twins look absolutely beautiful! I had no pain after my op and was back to my usual self after about 4 days. I am almost three months post-op and my scars are barely visible and I look perfectly natural. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you all that assisted in building my confidence in such a remarkable way.

Chez Gaudyn

Good morning,

Dr Shaw and family all I can say is WOW you guys rock you are truly the best, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m feeling and looking so great right now I don’t believe its really me, may the Good Lord bless you all, can’t wait to see all of you again soonest. Thanx a mil and a big hug to all of you ? Much appreciation Thank you


Good morning,

I’m back at work and feeling great. This is just a note to say thank you to the Dr Shaw family, you guys are awesome and have made this process very easy for me. From the moment I called Dr Shaw’s rooms Lynn was so friendly it was unbelievable!… I remember even telling her that she was so genuine I could “hear” her smile on the phone.

Dr Shaw – oh what a doctor!!! (my singing… whistling doctor ? …you are the greatest and realest doctor I have ever dealt with, your sense of humour is out of this world and made me feel at home. I found myself cracking up with laughter even under the immense pressure and nerves I was dealing with, indeed laughter is the best medicine. Thank you for making me feel like a girl, eventually!!! – I’m glad I chose you and I will recommend everyone I know, you are the best!

Lynn – You have a big heart and can brighten even the darkest of days, interacting with you has been nothing but a pleasant pleasure. Thank you for being the way you are…never lose that warmth, spark and spirit, it really helped calm my nerves ?

Thank you to sister Elizabeth and Prudence…you ladies are fantastic, thank you for comforting me and putting at ease pre and post op. And how can I forget Yvonne…this lady is passionate about her work and has a very big heart, thank you.

Dr Shaw you really have a great team and your practice is great, from the moment I walked in for the first time I knew that it was the place for me, all my life I have been terrified of “medical people” (white coat phobia) but all the staff at the office were so great I felt at home. Now I have to save up some money and think what procedure I want done next…see you again soon.

Kind regards


A phenomenal experience with superb care & treatment at the clinic. Not often that you find great service & care in the medical industry these days.

Thank you to all at Dr Shaw’s rooms & surgery, not to mention great results and recovery.



Dear Dr Magic Hands

You have cMelanyhanged my life with your magic hands My decision to have the surgery was never to make me feel better as a person, however to make me feel like a woman and of course to wear clothes that fits nicely and not to feel like a boy with long blonde hair…lol!

Over 2 years before deciding a doctor I went to at least 5 plastic surgeons before I made my decision. I called my mother one morning and she mentioned Dr Shaw she said “just go see him, if you don’t like him then just go to one of the others” nevertheless, the minute I met Dr Shaw and walked into his surgery, I said to myself this is the one. WOW what a doctor, his rooms, the staff, I was speechless! Dr Shaw made me feel so comfortable.

He explained everything in detail from the how to, the size, what to get, what not to get. The one thing that was different and stood out about Dr Shaw for me, was his passion for his work. He was different to the others. For him it is not about the money but the person the individual I could see that. I didn’t just feel like another patient, but an person with needs and reasons. I am a professional dancer and a freelance model and its amazing how much work “the two new girls” got me. Worth every single cent and definitely the best investment ever. I experienced no pain. Every morning I woke up and expected extreme pain that everyone was talking about and nothing. He knew exactly what would suite me best after toughly consulting with me, find out who I am, what I do, do I training, my dancing, why am I doing it etc. he is different and that is why his work is perfect! My Dr Shaw is incredible! I could not have asked for a better Dr. Regards


Good morning,

Awesome experience. Well done to all the staff, feel amazing. Dr Shaw is amazing, feel great .


Good morning,

Thanks be given to the Almighty for giving the nation Dr Shaw and the rest of his staff. Thank you very much for everything and mostly your love kindness and patience How we wish all health facilities were this special!
Love you guys


Good morning,

Over the moon happy! Was very nervous about scarring, but my scars are amazing ! Would do it again! Even have a friend flying over from New Zealand to have hers done by Doc!


Best surgical experience ever !!! Best staff especially Debbie & Themba, thank you for making me feel at home To Dr Shaw , You’re the best and thankyou for changing my life – for the first time i feel like a real woman and i can say i love my self!! Tx again


Best doctor ever! I absolutely love my results The fabulous consultations and the staff that dealt with me Thank you very very much for everything I will see you all soon..


What a great experience I cannot thank every single staff member and Dr Shaw For the perfect experience! Perfect results, great bedside manner! I loved every time I had to come in and visit! Always friendly always helpful Great results Thank you every body .


Dear Dr Shaw,

Debbie and Nursing Staff I just want to thank you for everything you did for me. Since the first day me and my husband walked into your facilities we felt welcome. Your friendly attitudes really helped calm the nerves.

The tummy tuck surgery changed my life for the better. Although I am still swollen I can see the results and I am ecstatic about it. I decided to have this procedure done for myself. I cannot tell you how much self-confidence I have gained in just these past 3 weeks after the surgery. I am still me but a happier me, and my husband also noted that I am a happier person.

Thank you so much that I could put my trust in you. The results are really amazing. Thank you for making me feels the way every woman should feel; beautiful. I will definitely recommend you as a wonderful surgeon, with excellent facilities and caring personnel. Thank you again for giving me back my self-confidence and smile.


The surgery was in Feb. The Doctor done a great job and i feel great with no problems. The staff were wonderful and friendly and so helpful each time
I will recommend Dr Shaw to any one!

Thanks again


After doing the procedure twice before now I was a bit sceptical about doing this again as both times were a disaster Doctor Shaw has done an amazing and wonderful breast augmentation. Thank you to everyone for their kindness and professionalism. Dr Shaw you are a great Doctor
Caring & gentle, Thank you


Oh wow I always get the best of treatment each time I visit the clinic The staff are super professional ,the doc is amazing. Getting operated on by Dr Shaw is like getting a bowl of pudding Keep it up guys, you are the best of the best !


What a journey!! Gave me back my confidence & I love every moment!! Thanks to Dr Shaw and all the staff, you were amazing! Will recommend it to every woman out there!!!


Thank you Dr Shaw, from the first appointment my operation and checkups There after you were so professional You made us laugh and your perfection gave me peace of mind I look great and cannot thank you and your staff enough for making us feel welcome and for the great job on my breasts & tummy!!

Ps I fully agree (110%) Billy


The procedure went exceptionally well The staff were very friendly, welcoming and warm I would come back any time if ever need be Dr Shaw’s attention and professionalism is undoubtedly unprecedented


Dear Dr Shaw

Thank you so much for the excellent work you did on my breasts – they are breath taking and have made me feel truly feminine . For this I have no words enough to express my thankfulness and my delight. I did not doubt for a moment that you would exceed all expectations and your un-paralleled skill is proven in the end product. My sincerest


Jy is aweome en het my lewe verander Dankie vir jou hulp

Dianne xxx

Dr Shaw & staff To explain how you have changed my life & confidence. No words can explain, From the first consulation to the end result i am in awe ! Thank you to you & your staff for the wonderful friendliness, helpfulness and care, wont be the first time i will be needing your services or recommending this practice to another.

Love Gabriella

I feel good with my new look and I am now able to tie back my hair as I like without worrying about hiding my “bat” ears.
The only think I regret is I should have done the op years ago.
Thanks very much Dr Shaw & staff


Most pain-free operation I have ever had!
Would i do it again? Absolutely yes!!


Dearest Dr Shaw my new boobs have already changed my life.You are such an amazing doctor and an equally awesome person. My whole family and I truly appreciate your honesty. Your staff is phenomenal. Their care and dedication is truly unique. I would recommend you and them a hundred times over.


Amazing face lift Dr Shaw. I’m extremely happy with the results .Everyone that knows me comments and I tell then what I have done because I highly recommend you to all my friends.


Just out of surgery, feeling a little woozy but fabulous. Doctor and staff are really awesome-Looking forward to seeing results!!

Tracey C

Service is excellent eg. Patient education before and after procedure Communicates well with patient putting their needs first
Thankyou very much .you the best.



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