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Neck Cosmetic Surgery

Our chin and neck areas are highly visible and ready telltale signs of aging. Unfortunately, these are often neglected during facial cosmetic improvements. The improved face shows in stark contrast to the waddles, turkey gobblers and lined, wrinkled neck, pointing to both aging as well as previous facial surgery.

Defining the problem

The face, forehead and neck are seen as a single unit. Obviously different issues require individualized treatment approaches, but all three benefit from assessment and the appropriate surgery.

The problem may be a fatty bullfrog-like bulge under the chin. Liposuction alone may repair this problem. Contrasting to this is the thin-skinned neck showing all the bands with hanging turkey-gobblers and vertical bands on baring your lower teeth. This is tight bands of your platysma muscle with midline separation. This requires a cut under your chin to define these muscles and to stitch them back together again. Many people have a combination of both problems.

Of interest is that the loss of chin to neck angle is wrongly attributed to excess neck skin. Actually the skin is adequate, but needs to be redraped upwards and backwards in the direction to behind your ears (pull with your fingers in front of the mirror to see). This unfortunately requires incisions similar to a standard facelift, and this is the reason that a necklift is preferably done at the same time as your facelift.

So if you consider this to be your area of unhappiness, contact Lynn or Urzell at 0119076621 for your full assessment.

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