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Correction of the middle, and particularly the upper middle of your thigh is a desire shared by many ladies that visit Chimera Clinic. The vast majority of these are corrected with liposuction alone, but limitation of skin shrinkage(retraction) may impair the final outcome. For these ladies, a medial thigh lift is the answer.

A medial thigh lift removes the extra skin and fat that is found after weight loss or previous liposuction when the skin will not shrink any further. Here skin excision is the only answer. This operation smoothes the wrinkling that would otherwise be the inevitable result. As always though, scars are the enemy to be avoided. As they cannot be avoided in this instance, we hide them right up in the groin crease where they fall in a natural crease line and are mostly hidden by clothing or costumes.

The real trick is to remove just enough skin and fat to tighten things up without overdoing it and causing a thinned, unnatural look. We are also fighting both gravity with the weight of the thigh skin and fat, as well as movement of the legs during activities whilst healing. It is therefore vital to stitch hitch the deeper thigh tissue to a firm anchor point, known as the Colle’s fascia. The skin is closed, as always with internal dissolving stitches.

There is the necessity for removal of skin and fat of the entire thigh with massive weight loss. This operation is seldom needed, but it reduces the entire circumference of the thigh at the cost of a scar down the middle of your leg. The analysis of the problem and the best solution for you will be determined by your needs and lifestyle.

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