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Rhinoplasty, or nose job surgery, is the most artistic procedure undertaken by plastic surgeons. This is because all the work is done on the underlying framework of the nose, which consists of a bone and cartilage combination. The skin needs to then shrink and shape over the new modified nasal structure. This can take up to two years, and thereafter the changes become visible and stable. The amount of change also depends on your skin type and thickness.

The overall visual result of nose surgery may be dramatic, despite a subtle change to the actual nose. The most vital key to this surgery is to match your nose to your face.  As a result, facial shape and proportions must be assessed to ensure that harmony is achieved within the final result. Though breathing may be improved with a nose job surgery, this is essentially a cosmetic improvement. The specialist surgeon should always takes care not to obstruct or worsen breathing.

Where do we cut?

Generally, all incisions to alter the bones or the middle septum are done inside the nose. However, a small cut below the nose may be added (a procedure known as open rhinoplasty), but this heals with imperceptible scarring. Such a slit allows me to see the underlying bone and cartilage directly, and thereby modify these with precision. This may be the only possible way to properly modify the tip of your nose. With a nose surgery that treats flaring nostrils, for example, scarring as a result of cuts made in the sills (under the nose) may be virtually invisible.

What can you expect?

  • A rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is performed while you are asleep, but local anaesthetic is always added to reduce pain when you wake up.
  • You may experience some swelling and may develop temporary “black eyes” – if your nose bones have to be adjusted as well.
  • A splint may be fitted onto your nose to protect the bones. If the septal region has been straightened during the nose job, splints may also be inserted in this area.
  • To control the small amount of blood oozing from your nose, we will place an absorbent dressing to soak it up.
  • You may also experience nausea due to blood dripping down your throat.
  • With the assistance of medication, residual swelling and pain may be reduced.
  • After approximately 1 to 2 weeks the splints will be removed by me.

And finally

Nose job surgery is renowned for its artistic aspects. While nasal surgeons may have some expertise, they often don’t possess the cosmetic skills required to restructure the nose in a manner that compliments your face. With years of experience and great attention to detail, plastic surgeons have mastered the art of creating an aesthetically attractive nose, using our nose job or rhinoplasty skills.

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