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For standard buttock rejuvenations, the technique I recommend is the Brazilian butt enhancement. My attempt to achieve a youthful and firm, but not overly large bum with minimal scarring, and the added advantage of thigh and lower back liposculpture, makes this the ideal technique to date. It involves liposculpture of excess deposits in order to harvest fat. This is then purified and injected as thin column fat grafts, from six access stabs per side, in a many directions and levels.

A most advantageous benefit of autologous (your own) fat tissue, without prostheses, is minimal pain. There is no implant shifting or capsule formation, or the need for muscle dissection, and it offers superior and specific contouring. Silicon butt implants are subjected to pressures and forces that are totally different from those experienced by breast implants.

At present though, prosthetic butt augmentation persists as a common buttock rejuvenation technique worldwide. Specially constructed buttock prostheses of varying shapes and firmness are normally placed in the intramuscular or subfascial planes. A truncal or buttock lift with a full circumferential or rear lower waist skin excision may also be required for major skin excess - as in the case of massive weight loss. This is unfortunately associated with substantial scarring, as well as implant complications.

Such scars are avoided by a Brazilian butt enhancement. Another advantage of this procedure is the buttocks’ ability to adjust according to the body’s future weight gain or loss. As the grafts are injected mainly at the upper medial buttock area, your buttocks regain a youthful firmness and lift with the reduction of buttock /thigh creases. A Brazilian butt lift, however, does have limitations. With slender women, for example, there may be too little fat to extract for a significant enhancement procedure. Another would be the constraint in buttock size gain in those desiring a large increase in size. Fortunately, fat percentage tends to increase with age and this is rarely a problem. The procedure can also be repeated if further enhancement is desired. If too much fat is placed at any one intervention, the excess will be reabsorbed by the body over a period of 8 months. Overall though, fat fill interventions yield wonderful, natural and athletic looking bums. Dr. Craig Shaw will be happy to discuss the options and advise on the ideal Brazilian butt treatment plan appropriate to you

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