Genital Enhancements Female -Vaginoplasty (Labiaplasty)

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With an increase in genital awareness resulting from fashion trends, as well as the popularity of waxing and shaving, requests for female genital rejuvenation surgery has increased massively. The procedure mainly attempts to reconstruct this organ back to its youthful state. Atrophy (wasting) may be the result of child bearing as well as of aging. In certain instances, the inner lips become pendulous or asymmetrical.

Genital surgery addresses all or some of the following disturbances:

  • Reduction liposuction or skin removal of the upper pubis (protuberant mons).
  • Plumping and filling the thinned, wrinkled lower labia majora. This is achieved by injecting fat grafts into the outer lips.
  • Pendulous, hanging asymmetrical Labii Minora (inner lip) reduction. With this surgery I keep all cuts and stitches off the front of these lips, to maintain the nerve supply as possible.
  • Previous tears or cuts are revised, and muscles tightened. This is generally accompanied by fat injections to tighten, plump and firm up the entire organ.
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