Gynomastia (Male Breasts)

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The general male fascination with breasts is most often limited to those found on females. Gynecomastia, also termed “man boobs” when being kind or “bitch tits” when being less so, certainly trades attraction for something closer to distaste. Our lifelong quest for self confidence can be severely impaired by this common, if unfortunate affliction. For some, this can get so distressing that all pastimes that may expose the torso are avoided, potentially affecting social and family life with beach and pool swimming avoidance severely restricting interactions. Avoiding gymnasiums can reduce the otherwise normal human interaction and health benefit available to others.

The social stigma of male breasts is may often also linked to decreased virility, with this affecting dating and a healthy sex life. Though this is possible, it is only the case for a very small percentage of gynecomastia victims. Any chromosomal, endocrine, neoplastic or hormonal causes for gynecomastia should first be excluded by the appropriate tests. It is also important to note the medications and potions used to cure diseases that may induce “man boobs” as a side effect. The supplements used by most body builders are also commonly associated with gynecomastia. All of these possible reversible causes need to be identified and corrected.

Amongst the most common causes, however are poor diet and the natural slowing of the metabolism due to age. Unfortunately, many young men are also afflicted with this most embarrassing of conditions, at precisely the time of life when confidence in social and dating life is most critical. This happens during and after adolescence when “stonies” can remain and continue as male breasts.

The second common stage is that of gym and supplements which often result in gynecomastia. Considering these athletes include some of the most body conscious of persons, this aberration can prove devastating. The last, and most common cause of gynecomastia is the weight increase that may occur with advanced age and decreased Testosterone levels.

At the Chimera Clinic, we attempt to correct the problem, attaining the best possible results with the smallest possible scar. To achieve this, the severity of the issue must be determined, as well as how much excess skin can be removed. The contributing amount of breast tissue versus the amount of fat deposit determines the amount that can be addressed by liposuction, as opposed to that which must be cut out.

Gynecomastia surgery

This depends on findings but may consist of Liposculpture only. This is, naturally, the happiest scenario, due to lack of external scarring. Unfortunately, only fat, not breast tissue is amenable to liposuction. This makes a certain combination of cutting in combination with liposculpture the more common technique required. Dr. Craig Shaw aims to keep the cut at the lower edge of the nipple to minimise scarring. A fair amount of shrinkage of overly large nipple skin may be anticipated. If moderate shrinkage is required, some reduction is used and closure with a purse string suture may produce required outcomes.

If, however, fully formed male breasts with droop exist, a proper reduction with removal of skin may be necessary although this could result in cuts on the chest.

Accurate assessment produces good results if a meticulous technique is observed, as is the case at Chimera Clinic. Dr. Craig Shaw is a qualified gynecomastia surgeon.

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