Breast Sizes

Understandably, a lot of confusion arises before a breast augmentation op about the perfect size implant for you. Unlike Saline implants which can be filled with different amounts but generally yield a poorer end result, silicone implants arrive in fixed sizes. There is a massive choice, but which is ideal? Like car tyres, there are also many different profiles available with the same volume!

I am often shown a picture, with the size used for that particular supermodel considered to be perfect. This is seldom true, as her result doesn’t consider the rest of her overall body size and shape. An important concept to include is your lifestyle and sporting activities.

Another difficulty is that there is no actual standard for bra cup sizes, which vary immensely amongst manufacturers and from standard to sports bra’s. The rule of thumb says that 200cc’s is about 1 cup size, but this increases with increasing chest as well as cup sizes.

A few generalizations must therefore come into play… most requests are for bigger! I agree that if you are doing it, get value. But I try to consider the whole person and advise accordingly, always remembering that what I consider to be great may not be what you do. All cosmetic operations are about confidence and improving lives and we are, after all, individuals.

So how to choose?

There is no ideal size, though there may be one for you. There is an idealized shape.

Breasts change over time, and this is very noticeable in the first 9 months after an operation, so you must be a bit patient.

Allow me to suggest a range of sizes, with the actual size determined at the operation based on sizes and intra-operative appearance.

Remember that this must be for you, not anybody else. Though the benefits can be enjoyed by significant others, bigger breasts can’t fix broken relationships.

Choose according to your body type and lifestyle.

Be honest about your desires, and choose an honest surgeon.

Finally, enjoy the results and live your own way.