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Breast Reduction Surgery at Chimera Clinic is the opportunity for Dr. Shaw to improve your day to day living experience. Many aspects of your life are simplified, such as the ability to buy matching clothing.  Buying bra's and swimwear, sport outfits and all physical activities are simplified. Spine, breast and shoulder discomfort, as well as associated skin conditions may also improved.

The planning challenge remains to achieve a size reduction linked to a great shape including a nipple lift, with as few outside cuts as possible. Any asymmetries in shape or size between your breasts should also be addressed at this stage. The incision therefore varies according to need; from those only around your nipple, to the so-called lollipop cuts, through to a full reduction adding a cut in the fold under your breast. Liposuction of your breast or sides may also be appropriate.

Sometimes, breast reduction is accompanied by removal of more breast bulk and the use of a small silicone implant to replace this volume and to maintain the upper fullness. These operations  are under full inaesthetic and take about three hours. The best option for you will be discovered at consultation with Dr. Shaw where your desires and queries are explored. So call Urzell at 011 9076621 for more information and your consultation date.

What is bresat reduction all about?

Breast reduction surgery is a Plastic Surgical procedure that can have the single largest impact on the life of the carefully chosen and most deserving patient. The wearisome burden of overly large breasts cannot fully be appreciated by those not personally affected. Unfortunately, medical insurers have taken the stance that this is a cosmetic operation, and it therefore has to be viewed as such from a financial aspect.
The overall aim is to achieve symmetrical lift, shape and balance whilst reducing size and maintaining feeling, particularly to the nipples

How do we cut?

Breast reduction must reduce skin in all dimensions (the ideal breast shape exists somewhere between a globe and a teardrop). Breast volume and nipple-areolar size are then reduced whilst maintaining blood and nerve supply, particularly to the nipples that are repositioned to a new, higher position. The obvious downside is cuts on the breast, though these are generally limited to around and below the nipples.

The traditional and most commonly used method involved cuts around the nipples, running down to the fold under the breast, and in the fold under the breast. Known as the Weiss pattern, this is probably still the most commonly used breast reduction technique due to its safety, consistency and reproducibility. Most Plastic Surgeons are well trained in this method, and are therefore comfortable with it, and know the resultant outcomes. The disadvantage is lots of scars, which often widen because of tension stretching. Despite the fact that these scars remain hidden under a bra, other shorter scar methods have been devised. These operations often take longer, and cannot always be used, but may deliver very good results in selected reductions. Ask your Plastic Surgeon whether such methods can be safely used for you.
Getting a blood and nerve supply from the bottom (known as an inferior pedicle) yields the safest result and even allows for later breast feeding in some reductions. The final appearance, however, has to be waited for, with patience being required for about 8 months. The second popular nipple blood supply is from the top (superior pedicle).

What can go wrong

As with most cosmetic plastic surgeries, most unhappiness is due to expectations not being met. This, in general, is caused by a lack of adequate explanation before the operation or misunderstanding by the surgeon as to your desires as the patient or unrealistic expectations. Size or symmetry revisions should ideally wait at least 6 months.
Adverse outcomes that require immediate attention include infections, loss of blood supply to the skin or nipple, large internal blood collection (haematoma) and any other unexplained surgical or anaesthetic problem. Bruising and swelling is inevitable, but a large, red, hot painful breast must be reported to your surgeon sooner rather than later. This is when your choice of a trusted surgeon becomes most apparent and telling, with logical explanations and reassurance when needed or action if required.

Remember that you may experience a change in the feeling in your nipples, normally with reduction in strength of nerve supply. This may be permanent, though it generally improves with time. This is inevitable, depending on how much the breast is lifted and reduced. Mostly, your feeling will return by 8 months but may remain less than before.
There are many variations in stitch materials, cut patterns, whether to use drains or not, and types of bandages or dressings. These differences are generally less important than overall attention to detail and professional patient care.

Get informed

Come to the consultation as well informed as possible. A wealth of information is available in the various medias and off the internet, though the real truth may be found with a discriminating and logical search. Unrealistic claims abound and should be easy to spot. This helps you to convey the information to me as to exactly what your desires are, then I should be able get the result we both desire...your satisfaction. Ensure that you are clear on the possible complications and adverse outcomes. Any Plastic Surgeon who denies less than perfect results and claims no complications is to be avoided. More important is honesty, and to find out how less than perfect results will be managed and fixed. Word of mouth can be the most reliable information source. Ensure a good follow-up plan.

And lastly

Remember that it is up to you to explain fully what you want. There are as many different choices in breast reduction surgery as there are favourite movies. Always stress what is most important to you to ensure that I understand and can achieve your dream reduction.

Surgery enhances breast shape and makes buying clothes, enjoying sports and general living easier. But it also needs to be maintained and complemented with a healthy lifestyle and weight management to ensure durable results.

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