Breast Augmentation

Chimera Cosmetic Clinic uses natural feeling, cohesive Silicon filled implants to augment breast size and enhance shape. The gain in self confidence is realised by placing the implant behind the breast, and sometimes also behind your muscle.

Breast Lift

This cosmetic operation, known as a mastopexy, is designed to lift and to fill empty breasts, particularly found after breastfeeding. The lift is directed to lifting the nipple, the focal point of the breast. Frequently improvement is requested either after having had children or after massive weight loss.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery at Chimera Clinic is the oportunity for Dr. Shaw to improve your day to day living experience. Many aspects of yourlife are simplified, such as the ability to buy matching clothing.  Buying bra’s and swimwear, sport outfits and all physical activities are simplified. Spine, breast and shoulder discomfort, as well as associated skin conditions are also improved.

Breast Feeding

With over half-a-million women worldwide receiving breast implants each year, the question of breastfeeding after surgery is a pertinent one. While the reasons behind seeking augmentation may differ from correcting deformities to responding to treatment after breast cancer, the most common motive continues to be for cosmetic purposes. With that said, when women who have undergone this procedure fall pregnant and start to prepare for the birth of their babies, they can experience anxiety about breastfeeding.

PIP Implants

The history of breast augmentation surgery has followed the tempestuous path of alternating progress and hurdles, with a large helping of hysteria served up on occasion. This media and socialy driven publicity is often very well founded and the PIP debacle is one such occasion. At times however, it is more furore than fact, which may or may not improve our outcomes, but always does improve patient knowledge and participation.

Saline vs Silicone Implants

The popularity of breast augmentation procedures is evident worldwide. It remains the most common or within the top three most requested cosmetic operations today, depending on geographic location. Decreased demand is often associated with media inspired hysteria or populist scandals of the time (The PIP debacle being one such). Despite this, augmentation has enhanced the lives by improving self image and confidence of between five and ten million women worldwide.