Male Genital Enhancement

Genital enhancement and rejuvenation surgery is quite similar to other forms of cosmetic and augmentation surgeries, but understandably with less publicity attached to it. Self-esteem issues surrounding one’s genitalia can severely restrict a normal, fulfilling love life, but wider restrictions have far reaching social and health effects. As a result, many men and women see the need for genital enhancement surgery.

Other than documented congenital or acquired defects such as hypospadias or micropenis, the predominant variations in size and girth will occur with the flaccid penis. Hypospadias is a birth defect that affects the urethra’s location in the penis. Instead of it being at the tip of the organ, the urethra is situated below the penis’s head. A hypospadias repair can correct this shortcoming and relocate the urethra to the tip of the penis.

With regards to a genital enhancement, increase in both length and thickness can be achieved. An assessment will reveal how much of the problem is genital versus too much lower abdominal fat. Lengthening surgery often includes removal of excess abdominal and suprapubic fat and skin, and revision of the escutcheon. Further enhancements can be achieved by releasing the suspensory ligament from under the pubic bone. After genital cosmetic surgery one can realistically expect an increase of up to 1 inch (24mm). Unrealistic claims or requests for vast length gains should be met with sceptisism.
The rejuvenation surgery for girth (thickness) commonly relies on the use of transplanted fat cells. An alloderm (off the shelf) skin substitute has been tried for genital surgery, but fat remains the gold standard. It may be either injected or inserted as thin dermofat grafts. With the use of fat, a significant and visible expansion can be experienced.
The end result is therefore a visible and functional increase in length and thickness accompanied by a natural look,particularly when flaccid. Anything larger is a bonus.

Advances & myths
Penis enlargement, euphemistically known as genital enhancement, is no stranger to controversy. Like the consternation that surrounds anti-cellulite treatments, mystery and promise lie just beyond the grasp of the needy. Similarly, an entire day can be spent on the internet, lay press, and even on street pole ads perusing the plethora of penile plumping plans and potions.

A brief revision hereby follows on the facts as they stand to date:
Every man desires an increase in both length and girth, and believes that all women require and are attracted to the well endowed. Though increased girth does increase coital stretch and sexual sensation, confidence and a thoughtful technique are generally more appreciated by the ladies. Except for correction of a true micropenis, increased length plays minimal role in increased pleasure.

This leads to the first point…
Increase in erect size versus flaccid size.
Mostly, the average gent wants an increase in flaccid size visible at the gym, club, and so forth. The value of this confidence booster cannot be under-estimated. This, however, excludes all the advertised methods that rely on increased blood flow to the penis during erections by either tablets (Cialis and Viagra), suction devices such as penile pumps or rings and hand massages. Any claims of permanent size increase are entirely spurious and therefore false.
I exclude all creams, stretching weights and other barbaric contraptions. Purveyors of these advertise “snake oil-like” unrealistic claims of size gains relying on the private nature of the problem to escape backlash of failure and law suites. They lure the unhappy hopeful with claims of immense gains, often adding the lure of so-called natural cures having no side effects, frequently originating from an ancient and mystical eastern location whispered from generation to generation. Please don’t desperately take leave of good sense on flights of fancy you would normally not even glance at.
To date, no proof exists of any increase in either length or girth by any non-surgical technique in any well conducted non-biased clinical trial.

Second Point:
Surgery, when appropriate can generally claim only about one inch or twenty five millimetres in gained length. This can be considerably extended by removing suprapubic and lower abdominal fat and thereby uncovering more of the hidden penis. Girth increase is variable, depending on how much of the fat graft survives, but is generally significant. This survival may be improved by the suction found in penile pumps as post operative rehabilitation.

Lastly, Take care with pumps followed by penile ring clamps. No unproven size increase is worth the disaster of losing function or even worse with incorrect use.
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