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 Please Note: Credit Card facilities are available at our clinic. Bank Guaranteed cheques and cash is accepted.

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Cosmetic surgery as one of many ways to enhance your life has moved into the realm of a necessity in many strata of society as well as certain industries. Obvious examples would be the arts, but any employment where presentation of self is important can make visual enhancements a must. Like it or hate it, appearance today may be as important as cleanliness and punctuality.

 Cosmetic improvements may vary from the care of skin, pigmentation and blemish repairs only, through the injectables like Neurotoxin and fillers, up to the most complex of surgeries. Of course, these are very often used in combinations, as our quest for perfection is tempered by the equally important desire to avoid any appearance of having had any enhancement. As with all professional services and other art forms, the costs reflect the value of service to be expected. It goes without saying therefore that bargain hunting may be printed on your face for life.

 Dr. Craig Shaw, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in South Africa, would love to assess your particular need and suggest options available to you. All privacy and discretion is ensured at his state of the art facility with licenced day clinic and associated Beautician Facility for backup adjuncts. Situated south of Johannesburg, Chimera Clinic, which is fully licensed theatre was designed and built for your best possible comfort and discretion during your cosmetic surgical journey. The tranquil suburban surroundings and convenient highway access of this fully licensed modern upper class facility, complemented by friendly staff who always retain the personal touch often lost in larger institutions.

 Most people today are fortunate in their immense access to most any information that could possibly be sought. This makes our interview with you as cosmetic surgeons that much more fruitful. People who visit often have a foundation of knowledge as well as a fair idea of what they particularly desire. and our discussion can focus on the finer points. Dr. Craig Shaw also welcomes persons who take the time and care to visit other specialists in the Plastic and Reconstructive field. This allows for the time to choose a doctor that can be trusted with this vital intervention that can enhance lives in so many ways. It also avoids the snap decision that can bring regrets.

 Specifically, Dr. Craig Shaw at Chimera Clinic implores you as the possible cosmetic recipient to choose most carefully based on professionalism and comfort with your prospective surgeon. Trust your instincts in this matter, especially if your checks reveal less than a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. A cosmetic surgeon is not the same. If you fall into the trap of bargain hunting in something as important as this, you may suffer a lifetime of regret. The revision surgery is always more complicated and prone to complications, is generally more expensive, and is seldom on par with an excellent first final cosmetic triumph.

 To follow then, some price indications for a few of the more common interventions. At the risk of avoiding vague generalisations, individual needs and combination procedures make an exact price list as found in a shoe catalogue impossible to produce. So visit this page for an indicator to costs and come and visit soon.

PLEASE NOTE: *Anaesthetist bills separately for all non-cosmetic procedures

Non-cosmetic patients wanting GA = LA cost + R11 000 theatre costs *