Calf Augmentation

Shapely legs and bums have assumed ever increasing importance in the desire for balanced health and beauty. Particularly in our sunny climate so conducive to a sporty lifestyle, legs are noticed and thereforeinvite either  comment or admiration. This holds true for a wide range of body types, as requests for enhancement are heard from guys and girls of all statures.

As with all areas of the body, symmetry and balance is vital. This encompasses both left to right legs, upper leg (thigh) compared to lower leg (calf), as well as middle to outside leg. The leg must also be harmonious to the rest of your body. Unfortunately, the middle calf can be virtually impossible to develop and is therefore often deficient. Even if this muscle is worked on tirelessly at the gymnasium and shows some bulk developement, congenitally short calves will appear become longer, unless by surgical intervention.

 Requests to Dr. C Shaw therefore are heard from the beautiful model with the need for subtle shape enhancement and limitations in allowable scarring, to the body builder who requires large bulk and all persons in between. This may also require some additional contouring by means of reduction liposuction of ankles or middle knees and thighs. This operation requires impeccable measurement technique as well as a large dollop of artistic finesse to devise a pre-operative plan that can yield most gratifying result.

Planning must include an appreciation of the overall size and shape of the person requesting help with a particular emphasis on leg symmetry and proportions. This must include measurements of length and desired increase in girth, to determine the correct volume as well as and shape of calf implants that will best suite the particular need of the requesting person. The limiting factor may be the lining around the muscle (fascia) which has to stretch to accommodate the implant and keep it in the correct place.

 The implant used by Dr. Craig Shaw is specifically made for calves which may also include slight modifications to shapes with more fullness at the top, or shorter and thicker for shorter persons needing more fill. Essentially, these implants are proven in durability and are strong and trusted and have enhanced the lives of many. For the operation, the patient sleeps on his or her tummy. After the addition of some extra local anaesthetic, a three centimetre cut is made in the groove at the back of the leg. A pocket is made between the calf middle muscle belly and the covering fascia and the implant is carefully inserted. Internal closing stitches repair the cut and we insist on elastic stockings as added leg support. Walking, though sore in the beginning, is necessary. This avoids the blood stasis that can cause leg clots, and also provides internal massage. The most discomfort is found on standing on tip toes, as this tightens the muscle against the new implant. The main cosmetic difficulties that arise occur when the implant is too high or if it is placed too far towards the back and not enough towards the middle of the leg.

 The result generally results in an incredible confidence boost with help for a body area that can be so difficult to discuss with anybody, not to mention actually settle on cosmetic enhancement surgery. Contact Gezela on 0119076621 for confidentiality and outcomes.