Plastic Surgery Costs

Consultation fee: R960.00

The initial consult is booked for approximately an hour or until all questions are answered.

All cosmetic procedures cost include:
  • Anaesthetist Fees
  • Specialist Surgeon’s Fees
  • All Theatre Costs
  • Prosthesis appropriate to your requirement
  • 6 Scheduled Follow-ups (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year)

PLEASE NOTE: *Anaesthetist bills separately for all non-cosmetic procedures

Non-cosmetic patients wanting GA = LA cost + R11 000 theatre costs *

Abdoplasty Tummy Tuck R59 800.00
Bicoronal Forehead Lift R35 134.00
Bilateral Breast Augmentation Boobs R50 194.00
Bilateral Breast Reduction Breast Reduction R58 500.00
Blepharoplasty Single Eye Single R31 940.00
Blepharoplasty Double Eye Double R45 320.00
Brachioplasty Arms R59 800.00
Brazilian Bum R62 070.00
Breast Equalisation R58 500.00
Breast Equalisation with Prosthesis R62 370.00
Calf Implants R50 194.00
Chin Implants R38 720.00
Gynecomastia Men’s Breasts R54 320.00
Liposuction Lipo R44 440.00 – R55 880.00
Mastopexy Breast Lift R58 500.00
Mastopexy with Prosthesis Breast Lift + Prosthesis R62 370.00
Neck Lift R42 950.00
Otoplasty Ears R49 830.00
Rhinoplasty Nose R54 780.00
Rhytidectomy Face Lift + Neck + Fat Fills  
Face Lift R71 870.00
Neck Lift (if also doing face) R15 170.00
Fat Fills (if also doing face) R35 090.00
Fat Fills Face LA R33 880.00
Fat Fills Face GA R42 570.00
Thigh Lift R60 880.00
Consult Fee New / After 9 months R960.00
Medical Aid Follow-Up After 1 month R660.00
Minor Paediatric Procedures Excludes Anaesthetists Fees* R29 500.00
Medical REPORT& Consult WCA / Road Accident… “UO” R1 920.00